Our Preferred Network

Since 2001, we have helped people find the very best attorneys in the industry help them navigate their legal needs.

Only The Best Local Lawyers

Since 2001, our preferred network of local lawyers has helped thousands of people find the right attorney for their needs. Trusting your future and financial security to another person is very difficult. We have only the very best local lawyers in our network and work hard to ensure you get the very best experience with each interaction.

We have developed tools to help you find the right attorney for you and your individual situation. We welcome feedback and reviews of the experience you have with the attorney you hire.

Tips to find the best lawyer in our preferred network for your needs

Following the tips below will help you find the best lawyer to fit your needs.

1. Ask For Recommendations
Getting a couple of recommendations and calling those clients will help you feel more secure about hiring a new lawyer. Ask the referral about how well the attorney communicated, if they felt happy with their experience.

2. Look At Google Reviews
Look at the law firm’s Google Reviews. These are often an indicator of how well connected the attorney is with their clients. Look to see if the firm responded to good reviews. That is a good indication they pay attention to detail and care about their clients.

3. State Bar Research
You can look up the lawyer in the state bar directory and see if they have any disciplinary actions against them. If they have a clean slate, this is a good indicator they will be honest and trustworthy.

4. Ask A Lot of Questions
Asking the attorney you want to hire a lot of questions will both test their skills as well as their ability to communicate. Watch for signs that they are making up answers if they don’t know, if they have a condescending tone, or if they simply brush off your question and try to change the subject. The best attorneys will help you feel at ease with the question and will help you understand on your level, not theirs.