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Shanon Lee Gray grew up playing among the trees with sticks and stones in the small town of Salisbury, Missouri. He was a young, curious boy who loved eating raisin pie, chasing lightning storms, playing tackle football on Saturday afternoons, cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, and watching the Six Million Dollar Man. He has always had a strong sense of the law. His father was Sheriff of the county and his grandfather was a Missouri State Representative; he deeply wanted to follow in their footsteps. At a young age, Shanon knew he was bigger than what this country city had to offer; he became determined to leave and create his own destiny.

Shanon likes to say that he was a “late bloomer” when others inquire about why he attended law school at the late age of 27. He studied with devotion at Oklahoma City University and graduated with honors. Shanon’s fate and desire brought him to practice in Portland; he decided that he wanted to put down roots in an area that catered to individuals who craved the outdoors and green living. Shanon started off doing environmental law because he, like many who reside here, is passionate about preserving the beauty of the land we live on. But found it to be too a little too dry and mundane; he longed to be in the courtroom fighting for people’s constitutional rights and to bring forth deserved justice.

In 2002, his quick wit and likable demeanor allowed him to be hired as a District Attorney for Multnomah County. Shanon began creating a name for himself among the community and rapidly became known as a “bulldog” in the courtroom. Being a DA provided him with invaluable experience and vital networking; it truly was his golden ticket to succeeding as a trial attorney. Shanon served as a DUII deputy, worked in the felony and drug property units, and served in the trial unit, his personal favorite, during his time at the DA’s office. After 3.5 years at the “office”, Shanon decided that he was ready to take on the next chapter and challenges in life. In 2006 with $6,500 saved and a burning desire to become his own boss, he put in his two-week notice at the District Attorney’s office and started his own law firm.

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  • DUI
  • Criminal Defense


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155 B Avenue, Suite 110
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