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Mark Hoffman is an attorney in Oak Tree Law’s Bankruptcy department, where he has handled bankruptcy, real estate and landlord tenant issues since 2012. He helps people get rid of debt of all kinds, including tax debt and second mortgages, by working with clients to obtain new financing, modify existing loans, or to declare bankruptcy so that they can begin their financial lives over again with a clean slate.

The people who come to see Mark are usually struggling with debt and finances that have gone unresolved for a long time. They are everyday people who are about to lose their most cherished asset – their home – and they are looking to find a final resolution to their problems. In most cases, Mark and Oak Tree Law are able to provide them with that resolution, saving the home and significantly improving their lives.

Many times, these financial issues arise through no fault of the client. They may have lost their job, had a loved one with a medical issue, or started a new business that failed. Often they have struggled valiantly to come to some kind of resolution for years with no success. They may have tried to negotiate with their bank or credit card company and found those institutions unwilling to work with them. Too often, clients aren’t informed about their rights or options and as a result, these companies take advantage of them, making the situation worse.

Mark enjoys making a difference in people’s lives. He gets a great deal of pride knowing that people are better off for having come to Oak Tree Law. He says, “For most people the law can be confusing and when you are being harassed by powerful entities like the banks or debt collectors there can be a great deal of anxiety. I feel good knowing that when people leave my office they are both better informed and empowered to change their situation.”

For example, in many instances, there are alternatives to foreclosure that may be legally or financially more desirable for clients, such as declaring bankruptcy or selling the home in a short sale. In some cases, clients can get money back on a short sale, even if they are under water on their loan. Mark realizes that each specific client and situation calls for its own solution, and he will go out of his way to find a solution that will work for their specific needs.

Practice Areas

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    Automatic Stay
    Bankruptcy & Divorce
    Bankruptcy Exemptions – What You Can Keep
    Bankruptcy Myths
    Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation?
    Bankruptcy with Foreclosure Defense
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    Dischargeable Debts
    Effect on Your Credit
    Bankruptcy Timeline
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